Job title: Senior Animator
Job type: Permanent
Emp type: Full-time
Expertise: Creative
Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Job published: 2021-01-18
Job ID: 32260

Job Description

Bring life and emotions to the game by interpreting and realising creative goals through high quality animation, and lead the charge for the next generation of motion in video games.

This role involves a deep understanding of not only on bipedal / quadruped locomotion, but also general motion involving animated objects of all kind.   


Create Motion

  • Create high quality 3D animations for humans, animals, creatures and other animated objects;
  • Deliver high quality hand-keyed and mocap enhanced animations for body and face rigs using MotionBuilder and Maya;
  • Verify in-game animation quality and consistency, and iterate according to feedback.

Prototype Concepts

  • Research relevant technologies and best practices to support the animation technology and pipelines;
  • Play and evaluate games to maintain an up-to-date knowledge of the domain;
  • Drive the development of rapid prototypes.

Maintain Communication

  • Work with Art, Tech, Design to elicit / help define short and long-term objectives;
  • Collaborate with Technical Artists to design custom rigs and skeletons;

Establish Standards

  • Establish and enforce artistic / technical standards;
  • Manage, organise and maintain consistent, functional, and semantic data types and naming conventions;
  • Cooperate with other disciplines to establish effective workflows.

Enable Progress

  • Contribute to the estimation, planning, and prioritization of tasks;
  • Take responsibility for driving the delivery of animation projects on schedule;
  • Identify and communicate risks and issues.

Mentor Colleagues

  • Provide ongoing informal and structured technical feedback to colleagues to maintain high standards of quality;
  • Facilitate the continued professional growth of fellow team members.


  • As an experienced animator, this role demands a passion for taking on a broad variety of challenges, an ability to quickly switch focus between tasks, and the capacity to maintain good lines of communication, discussing complex issues at differing levels of abstraction.


  • 5+ years animation experience;
  • Shipped at least 2 AAA published games on console;
  • Excellent knowledge of human and animal anatomy and motion;
  • Excellent hand key animation skills focusing on strong posing, timing and sense of weight in a variety of animation styles;
  • Excellent knowledge of MotionBuilder with strong knowledge of Maya or 3DS Max;
  • Ability to work to deadlines under pressure and with minimal direct supervision;
  • Good technical skills involving character and animation pipelines and engine integration;
  • Up to date knowledge of current animation techniques and development processes;
  • Open to receiving and acting on constructive criticism.


  • Practical experience using a variety of modern game engines (ie Unreal / Unity);
  • Experience with motion syntheses and AI;
  • Excellent cross-team communication skills;
  • Excellent self-organization skills;
  • Ability to work collaboratively in an open team environment;
  • A positive attitude and a commitment to bringing fresh ideas to the team and the game;
  • A passion for gaming and for making games, playing current titles and keeping abreast of industry trends;
  • Excellent work ethic with diligence in time keeping and focused attention to detail;
  • Keen understanding of User Generated Content.