Job title: Network Programmer
Job type: Permanent
Emp type: Full-time
Expertise: Technical
Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Job published: 2020-09-02
Job ID: 32237

Job Description

Are you a comfortable setting up, Amazon based, external servers that can be used by our games to support our games, which can seamlessly scale based on demand and can recover from basic errors and problems?

Are you passionate about networking and multiplayer in Unreal and do you like using your knowledge to guide other programmers and designers in writing fail safe network code and blueprints?

Do you know how to dive into a large codebase to track down that tiny detail that has caused a big issue, to the delight of your fellow team members?

Is C++ your main programming language, because the full control of it really gets you excited and are you equally passionate about optimizing network systems for optimal latency and bandwidth utilization?

Then we are surely looking for you!


  • You have developed and maintained the networking and/or multiplayer features of at least 1 game project;
  • You have experience using Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) to setup solid communication between windows based systems;
  • You have experience using Amazon Web Services (AWS) to setup a stable and performant backend for 1 or more great applications;
  • You have written a number of games and or hobby projects in C++ and have a proper understanding of all the basic concepts of the language like the object oriented approach, pointers and references, containers, inheritance, polymorphism, functions, structures, visibility, etc;
  • You have created at least 1 (hobby) project using the Unreal Engine providing you with basic understanding on creating blueprints, optimizing code through usage of C++ and the Unreal pipeline;
  • It is a clear bonus if you have already worked in VR.


  • To take ownership of networking and multiplayer features so they can be setup in a network safe and efficient way and the team is aware, and can work with the constraints attached to these features;
  • To use your knowledge of C++, object orientation, design patterns, algorithms and data structures to create solid technical designs and efficient implementations of networking systems and multiplayer gameplay features;
  • To collaborate with the rest of the team on solving various design challenges that relate to the multiplayer side and ensure a cohesive and engaging multiplayer experience;
  • To constantly take performance into account so our games and experiences can keep running at a smooth 72+ FPS, even when rendering to both eyes and using the latest and greatest mobile hardware to do so;
  • To develop and maintain networking tools for testing and analysis of the multiplayer environment;
  • To analyze problems and debug them in order to quickly locate and fix challenging bugs, including optimizing network systems based on latency and bandwidth.


  • Technical and very precise at the same time;
  • Social and collaborative;
  • Excited by the potential of VR;
  • Permitted to work in the EU.